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Spark Joy with Consignment and Marie Kondo

Tracie Pfrogner

Posted on February 05 2019

The art of organizing has taken over social media by storm, courtesy of Marie Kondo and her Netflix show, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. Japanese organizer extroidernaire and author Marie Kondo has inspired everyone to purge their closets and their homes and get rid of things that do not spark joy or bring happiness to their lives. Marie Kondo is an expert in the KonMari method, the Japanese method of organizing and decluttering your home. As you’re scrolling through Instagram and see all of your friends perfectly folded jeans and organized shelves, get inspired to do some tidying up yourself! Starting with your closet. As you pile all of your Prada and Louis Vuitton onto your bed, pick up each item and ask yourself, “Does this garment spark joy for me?” You should always go with your gut and be honest, that way you’ll be left with a truly curated closet. Also make sure you have items that you are actually getting use out of and most importantly, that you love! The best part is that you can bring any of those luxury designer clothes that don’t “spark joy” to Michael’s Consignment! Even if they don’t bring you joy anymore, we can help you make some cash that will be sure to spark joy in your wallet! Your Chanel and Gucci will go on to bring happiness to someone else. Sustainable and organized? That’s how us Michael’s girls like it.

You can read more about our consignment process here. We're now accepting spring items!

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