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Jewelry Must Haves!

Posted on March 16, 2017 by Dara Sayet

Must have JewelryFashion in abundance is a sweet, sweet thing. Jewelry however is a hefty investment and when you find something you love, tends to stay on you through showers, parties and fierce vacations. One of the perks of being a girl is getting to wear fabulous sparkly things that make us feel amazing even if we are rocking our latest yoga gear. While I might have an entire drawer (or two) filled with jewelry that I have picked up along the way from travels and sample sales, I always wear my go to pieces.

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Beginners Guide to Consignment!

Posted on February 22, 2017 by Dara Sayet

Beginners Guide to ConsignmentHave wayyyyy too much stuff in your closet and need some extra cash for that ski trip to Park City? Then it’s time to jump onboard the resale train ladies! It’s a no lose situation. Resale, consignment, pawn shops, thrift shops… people often get confused. Looking for a killer luxury find – then a consignment boutique is certainly where you’ll need to head.

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Awards Season – Get Inspired & Red Carpet Ready!

Posted on January 11, 2017 by Dara Sayet

Red Carpet Style!We say goodbye to another year and hello to all the things we look forward to. You know – The new season of The Bachelor and all those awards shows! Awards season is here and there’s a ton of buzz on the street! Who is the new hot star and which shows and movies should be on our radar? While the winners might still be unknown – one thing is certain… The celebs will be lookin’ hot hot hot! We see year after year that the stars sometimes shock us and others wear their signature looks. We want you to get inspired just in case you possibly get that invite from James Franco to be his plus one. So check this!

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Our Staff Gift Picks!

Posted on November 23, 2016 by Dara Sayet

Staff holiday gift picks at michael's consignment shop for womenThe dates seem to be flying by rapid-fire style and I am already curating my holiday closet for events!  And just like that, poof – in a month you’ll all be frantically looking for the perfect gift (Hanukkah and Xmas are on the same day, ahhh!) for your mom, sister and BFF. Here at Michaels we are starting early! We have decided that this is not the year to wait till the 11th hour since the holidays are overlapping… instead we are packing away those gifts now. So go ahead and give thanks to us this year because the Michael’s ladies got together and pulled what we think are the best gifts our website has to offer. These lil’ numbers will go fast – so get to shopping! We certainly hope that our boyfriends, husbands and moms see this blog post :)

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How to ConsignTime to purge ladies!  Fall is right around the corner and I know all of us literally can’t fit one more hanger in our closet.  There are definitely items in there that you haven’t worn in a year and  that you have no intention of ever touching again.  Rather than reorganizing things that you aren’t in love with, make use of your valuable items and your valuable time and gain something from your closet cleanout. Consignment is the best way to make sure you fully monetize your great investments.

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Remembering Michael

Posted on May 12, 2016 by Tamara Gates

Michael's Consignment History

When my grandfather, Michael Kosof, started Michael's in 1954, he knew everything had value to someone. I remember driving with him in NYC when I was a little girl... and besides the notorious and nauseating starting and stopping of his driving (you know what I mean, the drivers that ride the break--he was one of those) he was always on the lookout for a treasure that someone else had discarded. I fondly remember cruising...

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Michael's Consignment Timeline... consignment moguls since 1902!

Posted on March 05, 2016 by Tamara Gates

Michael's Consignment HistoryDid you know Laura is the the fourth generation in a consignment dynasty in NYC?!?!?!? Talk about a family business... Michael's roots in the industry date back to 1902.

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