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Beginners Guide to Consignment!

Posted on February 22, 2017 by Dara Sayet

Beginners Guide to ConsignmentHave wayyyyy too much stuff in your closet and need some extra cash for that ski trip to Park City? Then it’s time to jump onboard the resale train ladies! It’s a no lose situation. Resale, consignment, pawn shops, thrift shops… people often get confused. Looking for a killer luxury find – then a consignment boutique is certainly where you’ll need to head.

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Why So Much Love For Louis (Vuitton)?

Posted on January 18, 2017 by Dara Sayet

Louis VuittonWe all play favorites sometimes… Favorite friends, favorite spot to vacay and most importantly favorite brands! No matter what new designers hit the market there is always the classics. Ya know, the ones you constantly are trolling our site for. Those designers that always say SOLD OUT when you see that bag you have been dying for! Let’s get straight to it – I’ve had a love affair for years with a man named Louis Vuitton. He’s French, a designer and a businessman – and while no longer around he has left gorgeous logo keepsakes for me to cherish!

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5 Brands to Consign Now!

Posted on September 01, 2016 by Dara Sayet

Chanel HandbagsIt’s the end of summer and I am officially cleaning out my closet. (See some tips here on the best way to approach this daunting task).  I'm ready to make some cash and I have a few piles going on.  I have the “friends pile”, “trash it pile” and the “Michael's pile”.  I always contemplate the value of items first.  My mother always told me, “If you buy something good, it will last a lifetime.”  Over the years I have hoarded items that I think are truly gems to the fashion world. Much to my surprise, I have tried to consign them, only to be told that some brands just don't hold their value as well as others.

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How to ConsignTime to purge ladies!  Fall is right around the corner and I know all of us literally can’t fit one more hanger in our closet.  There are definitely items in there that you haven’t worn in a year and  that you have no intention of ever touching again.  Rather than reorganizing things that you aren’t in love with, make use of your valuable items and your valuable time and gain something from your closet cleanout. Consignment is the best way to make sure you fully monetize your great investments.

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Summer Lovin! 5 Summer Trends We Love

Posted on July 20, 2016 by Dara Sayet

Summer 2016 Fashion TrendsThe beach, bellinis and boys… are always on my summer checklist. Then there is the continually rotating trends that I MUST have available at all times so I’m ready for that last minute road trip text or roof top party Evite. I know you are asking; ‘how can I even keep up?’ Well, the classics remain… like flowers and nautical stripes, pastel colors and eyelet patterns. But then I spot the cutest girl I have ever...

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Loving Coco

Posted on June 30, 2016 by Dara Sayet

Chanel ClassicWhy does the quilt get so much love?

Ever wonder why fashion lovers from around the globe swoon over the little square quilt and chains? Is it the high price tag, the celebrities that wear it or is it the fact that some of us can spit out Chanel quotes faster than lyrics to our favorite song? We have one answer… it’s because it is classic. Those two interlocking...

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Posted on April 26, 2016 by Tamara Gates

Time to ConsignMichael's Consignment is now accepting Spring merchandise. One of the keys to turning closet clutter into cash is consigning your items at the beginning of the season. Michael's has flipped its store merchandise almost completely to Spring. Customers have been bitten by the warmer weather bug and are ready to break out the sundresses, sandals and sunglasses. So don't delay, call or stop by Michael's, The Consignment Shop for Women...

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