At Michaels, we decided to gather the hottest trends of the season, along with the pieces from our store to match, so that you can be in the know. This season, the street style stars are showing us that it’s all about versatile button downs, plaid prints, mules, and logos from all of the brands we know and love. We’re going to break each trend down for you, and also give you some options so you can have these styles too!
Button downs
Before you squash the idea of button downs for their typical appeal of being work attire, let us change your mind. Button down shirts don’t have to be worn the way they're meant to be. You can tie one around your waist, around your neck, wear it open, wear an oversized one. Not only are there so many ways to wear it, but there are plenty of fun button downs you can wear. Try out all different colors, patterns, cut outs, materials. I promise, you will not regret including this classic piece into your fall wardrobe.
michaels luxury consignment snow xue gaomichaels luxury consignment libertinemciahels luxury consignment piazza sempionemichaels luxury consignment Alexander McQueen
At Michael’s, we recommend you wear a pajama style button down like this one from Snow Xue Gao   where the silk fabric takes away any stiffness. Or Libertine and Piazza Sempione maintain the structure of a classic button down but add an edge. For the most versatile look, check out Alexander McQueens ivory blouse that you can overlay over any outfit for an extra layer of warmth. 
What’s the perfect mix between a winter and a summer shoe? A mule! Your toes are covered but you have the freedom to slip in and out of them as you please. Mules have never been more in, and designers have made sure to hop on the trend. 
Michaels luxury consignment manolo blahnik mulesmichaels luxury consignment Alexandre Birmanmichaels luxury consignment pradamichaels luxury consignment Gucci mules
We have mules for every occasion! For the office? Manolo Blahnik brings us black mules with a heel and Alexandre Birman gives us this brown leather pair . To wear at home, we have the option of red Prada mules, and if you want a night out, try Gucci mules in fuschia!
Whether it's the Gossip Girl reboot or a newfound love for school post-pandemic, plaid has been making a comeback. Ignore your dislike for schoolyard chic because plaid can be done in a totally fashionable way. It’s time to start treating patterns as neutrals and embrace the overload of stripes. 
Michaels luxury consignment rag & bonemichaels luxury consignment Burberry totemichaels luxury consignment Simone Rocha
Rag & Bone turned a staple style plaid with this blazer, and you can never go wrong with an iconic brand like Burberry.  This tote is all too emblematic to pass up! Simone Rocha also brings a fun flair to plaid with some additional ruffles.
Logo Mania
There’s a reason why top brands have remained on top: they’re memorable. Gucci, Chanel, Louis Vuitton. It’s no surprise that they have stayed household names for decades.  Not only do they have amazing, high quality clothing, but they also have the branding to match. For major brands like these, there is no shame in the game of wearing their logo loud and proud. In fact, they’re logos are in, and luckily, Michaels has some logo-covered pieces that you can get a hold of. 
michaels luxury consignment Louis Vuitton twillymichaels luxury consignment Gucci clutchmichaels luxury consignment Chanel earringsmichaels luxury consignment dolce and gahanna belt
If you’ve steered away from logos on products in teh past, here is your sign to change directions. Logos don’t always have to be obnoxious; just check out the details of this Louis Vuitton twilly, the barely noticeable print of this amazing Gucci clutch, the dainty Chanel earrings, and a two-toned Dolce & Gabbana belt.
New seasons means new beginnings. These trends are here to inspire you to try something new, in a way that you might not have imagined before. For an entire fall look book, check out Michael's collection of Fall 2021 products to spice up your closet!

October 04, 2021 — Katreana Bellew

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