I love black but should I?
5 ways to make sure you are making the right color decisions on your next shopping trip! 


Its Saturday night and yet again I am searching for my go-to… all black, a little cleavage on the top and something tight on the bottom. There is just something about the monochromatic look that makes me feel sexy, skinny and unstoppable! But wait, I rarely get compliments despite my own wink in the mirror before I leave my apartment. That shirt you love comes in 12 colors yet you always gravitate towards black or grey? Its time to rethink that purchase because the decision you thought was oh so right might literally be dragging you down – and just because of the color! Sure you can hire a color expert genie to analyze your skin but lets make it really easy. With these few steps – you could move from drab to fab on your next shopping trip.

1. Know the skin you live in…
Our skin literally comes in millions of shades but lucky for you – if you know your undertone you are one step closer to perfection. Turn your hand over and look at the veins on your wrist.

If your veins are Blue or Purple = COOL
If your veins are Green or Yellow = WARM

2. Learn the colors.
Warm colors usually have a yellow tint and cool colors have a blue tint. Yes, it’s the same rules that apply when you go to the makeup counter and they ask, “Are you yellow or blue?” – at that point you tilt your head and say huh?
warm colors vs cool colors
3. Decide what the occasion is.
Maybe you’re going on a job interview and a pop of green in a scarf against a neutral would work better than that all green and yellow print dress you’ve been eyeing at Michaels.

4. Don’t go overboard.
Once you find the “it” color go slowly. There is no need to throw away your personal faves but it may be time to reconsider your next purchase when you have color options.

5. Learn the color wheel. color wheel cues for clothes 2
Or better yet print one out off the Internet and put it in that huge purse you schlep around when you shop.

Pick a color, any color! Trace your finger over the line. The color that’s the direct opposite is the compliment to that color – one is warm and one is cool. Your tone color should be closest to your face and the other further away. So for example if you are cool toned, accessorize with earrings, a necklace and a scarf in the blue and purple shades but feel free to wear a warmer color on the bottom.

Now pick a different color, point to it- go ahead! Now look to the left or right of it and you’ll find that color’s analogous buddies. If it’s analogous on the color wheel, it works in your outfit. This way you can stick to your side of the wheel to make sure it works.

So ladies, lets sum it all up so that we can grab some new summer outfits and not be that girl yet again in all black that looks the same every single weekend.

Cool women look good in “Cool Sea” Colors. Think white, blue, gray, navy and dazzle it all up with silver.

Warm women look good in “Earthy Warm” colors. Think yellow, brown, red, orange and gold to make your skin glow.

Green and Pink are crossover colors meaning they work for both warm and cool skin tones. So these are “freebies”!

Plum looks good on basically everyone…

Save yourself and your friends from drab decisions and they will forever be grateful once the compliments come flying in!

cool vs warm tone

Want some fun resources for how to find your perfect color match?  Check out these quizzes and articles.







August 03, 2016 — Dara Sayet


Joan 0 Shea said:

Thank You for the Color Cues for clothes so simple with a profound result that has a positive affect on Mood, Attitude etc.

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