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Sustainability with Style

Our team at Michael's Consignment is committed to fulfilling our role by serving those who are interested in making more informed, eco-friendly fashion choices.

By being a Michael’s customer, you are already embracing the circular economy movement. Purchasing second-hand or pre-owned clothing extends the lifespan of garments. This reduces the demand for new production, conserving resources and energy that would be used in the manufacturing process. You’re also buying high-end quality products that are designed to last longer. Investing in durable and well-made items means they are less likely to wear out quickly, reducing the frequency of replacements. Consigning your preowned pieces with Michael’s also contributes to the circular economy by limiting textile waste and keeping clothing out of landfills.

Sustainable Fashion with Luxury Consignment

Did you know?

Americans throw away a total of 17 million tons of textiles each year.That is around 112lb per person, according to the latest census statistics.

Textile production generates 42 million tons of plastic waste per year, making the textile industry the second-highest industrial sector after packaging.

Fast fashion brands are producing twice the amount of clothes today than in 2000 to fill the demand for cheap clothing.

Women wear a garment an average of 7 times before throwing it away.

Clothing and textiles currently make up at least 7% of the total amount of waste in global landfill space.

Reasons to Consign

Sustainable Fashion with Luxury Consignment
Reduce Waste

Consignment and resale extend the lifecycle of clothing and accessories, reducing the amount of fashion waste ending up in landfills.

Cost Effective

You can score high-end designer pieces at a fraction of their original cost, enabling you to maintain a stylish wardrobe without breaking the bank.


Trends come and go, but quality always stays. Opting for high-end designer fashion is an investment in both style and longevity.

Unique Style

Shopping for consigned or pre-owned fashion allows you to discover unique and one-of-a-kind pieces that may not be available in mainstream stores.

Join Us

It's time to make a change for the better. Let's renew our commitment to the planet and rethink our approach to material usage. The circular economy is not only a solution to be environmentally conscious, but also socially responsible. Let's join forces and make a better world for fashion and beyond!

Consign With Us

Authenticity Experts

We have been authenticating luxury goods for over 70 years. Every item that comes into our store is handpicked and thoroughly inspected to ensure its authenticity.