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Monochromatic Styling

Tamara Gates

Posted on February 18 2021

After the Biden/Harris inauguration we have become obsessed with monochromatic styling.  Regardless of political beliefs, there is no denying that the women of the day were all dressed impeccably.  One of their secrets? Monochromatic Styling!

Monochromatic breaks down into two words: “mono” meaning one and “chromatic” meaning color. So a monochromatic outfit will consist of all one color.  This can be done by layering the same exact color as Vice President Harris did or using varying shades of the same color as First Lady Dr. Biden. Here are three of our favorite ways to nail monochromatic styling.

Monochromatic Styling Ideas

Vice President Kamala Harris, First Lady Jill Biden, Former First Lady Michelle Obama.
Photo Courtesy of Getty Images. 

Black, Black and more Black!

We’ve all sported this super easy, sleek and flattering look on our laziest of fashion days; black jeans, black boots, a black turtleneck and a black bomber jacket. Black is one of the most forgiving colors to wear and therefore the most used monochromatic look among all fashionistas. Swapping out white for black can also be an easy look to master. For both, just be careful that your blacks and whites have not faded or yellowed over time.  There is nothing worse than a monochromatic look that just misses the mark.  

All Black Look Consignment Styling
All White Look Consignment Styling

All White:
Theory White Dress sz 4 $54.50
Giambattista Valli White Coat sz 4 $285
Stuart Weitzman White Slip-on Sneakers US 11 $109 

Throwing Shade

If you can’t match the colors exactly, you can also try using the same color in varying shades.  Monochromatic color shading while more complicated, doesn’t have to be difficult. The best way to think about monochromatic styling with color is to imagine a bold color as a can of paint.  Let’s take blue, for example.  If you add white or black paint to a bold blue color in small increments, you will slowly alter the paint to lighter or darker versions of itself.  If you pull these items together in an outfit, you will look polished and ready to take on the day.       

All Green Hues Consignment Styling

Green Shade:
Reiss Green Blouse sz 0 $125
DVF Green Skirt sz 8 $79
Bruno Magli Green Heels US 6.5 $44.50


All Blue Hues Consignment Styling
Blue Shade:
The Row Blue Blouse sz 6 $170
Ralph Lauren Blue Trousers sz 6 $109
Prada Blue Satchel $432


Textures and Metallics

This can be the trickiest look to master so be careful. Textures and metallics add depth and interest to your looks, but they can also trick the eye into believing the pieces don’t match.   Some of our favorite fabrics to pair are jeans and chiffon, leather and cotton, suede and silk, wool and sequins.  The texture of the varying fabrics absorb and reflect light in different ways giving the look variation.

Jeans And Chiffon Mono Look Consignment Styling
Jeans and Chiffon: 
Joie Pink Blouse sz 4 $89
Seven Pink Jeans sz 4 $45
Leather and Cotton Look Consignment Styling
Leather and Cotton:
Oscar de la Renta Brown Top sz 6 $54.50
Worth Brown Skirt sz 8 $201
Velvet and Silk Look Consignment Styling
 Suede and Silk:
Alice + Olivia Purple Jacket sz 6 $201
Vince Purple Pants sz 4 $79 
Wool and Sequins Look Consignment Styling


Monochromatic styling is getting a boost of popularity right now but it has always been a good look to keep on rotation in your fashion repertoire.  Just style with the Pantone Color(s) of the year and you will always be on trend!

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