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Michael’s Luxury Consignment Shop for Women is a New York City institution and a staple among New York’s most fashionable and savvy women. Since 1954, and through 3 generations we have set out to help every woman look like a million without spending a million. We select luxury and haute couture items and dress New York City's fashionistas in fabulous high-end designer apparel and accessories for a fraction of the retail price while giving consignors the opportunity to monetize luxury items they no longer use. From clothing to handbags, to shoes, jewelry, and furs our designer labels are carefully curated by merchandisers with years of experience in the high-end market. Whether purchasing or consigning, with our personal and hands-on approach you will feel confident that you're partnering with the best at Michael's.

For over 65 years, we’ve specialized in selling only authentic luxury apparel and accessories.  As a family owned and operated business since 1954, our experience in the luxury apparel industry is unparalleled making us experts in authenticating luxury merchandise. Every item that comes into our store is handpicked and thoroughly inspected to ensure its authenticity.  We stand behind each and every piece of merchandise that makes it online and into our brick and mortar store.The sale of counterfeit merchandise is a federal crime and carries with it severe penalties. At Michael’s, our business is built on its outstanding reputation of integrity and honesty.We will never knowingly sell any counterfeit merchandise.

Meet the Team

About Tammy

Tammy Fluhr-Gates is the CEO and Co-owner of Michael’s Luxury Consignment.  She is the third generation to join Michael’s and the fifth to join the family consignment dynasty businesses in NYC. The first of them was started by her great-great grandfather on the lower east side of manhattan in the late 1800’s. Needless to say, consignment is in her blood. 

She joined the business in 2006 after working in PR and marketing for years and armed with an undergraduate double major in business & sociology and a masters degree in Social Work. She was ready to bring her entrepreneurial spirit and knowledge of what makes people tick home to the family business.  In 2018 she took over the reins and decided to bring Michael’s down to street level while simultaneously expanding it out to the digital world with a larger ecommerce and social media presence. 

Tammy continues to look both to the past and to the future all while staying in the present.  She recognizes the importance of what her mother and grandfather emphasized in building the business before her -- customer service, ethics, loyalty and what it means to be a woman of your word. She realizes that our current economic and social environment continues to evolve and we must evolve with it. And Tammy looks forward to what the future holds for all of us with opportunities in sustainability and shared circular economic opportunities.

About the Management Team

Damona comes to us after having been a customer for a number of years. She has years of experience working in the fashion industry in a variety of positions. At Michael's she is the Sales Floor Manager/Visual Merchandiser/Stand in Buyer; she is basically the-end-all-be-all know-it-all everything that happens on the sales floor. She is the Queen of all things Michael's and we are unbelievably lucky to have her on our team. The customers adore her, the team members love and respect her and she is so darn fashionable that random people stop her on the subway to ask where she shops! (Michael's Luxury Consignment, of course!)

Yani has been with us since 2006. We scooped her from The Ritz Thrift Store (another family business) and just never gave her back! She is our Store Supervisor assisting with the front and back of the house. Yani is a Jane of all trades in every way possible. She can fix a rack or hang wall decals just as easily as she can help customers and enter consignment. She can literally do it all. And she does it all calm as a cucumber. She never gets frazzled and she is always reliable and sturdy for the team. We are honored to have her as one of our leaders.

Rosie started at Michael's when she was a college student. After decades of being on our team, she has moved through the ranks to become our Chief Consignment Manager. When she is in the physical store, she also helps run things there. Rosie is one of the most organized and hardworking people on the planet. If she says she will get something done, you know it will happen. She is reliable, honest, trustworthy and super fun to be around. We love having Rosie on our team and could not be luckier to have someone that is so dedicated and amazing!

Michael's would not run the way it does without all three of these women working together the way they do! They are fierce, fun, fabualous and fashionable! BEST. TEAM. LEADERS. EVER!

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We've been hand selecting only the best authenticated luxury items since 1954. Because of this we have built a trustworthy and loyal community of worldwide luxury shoppers.