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eHow Style:
"One trusted name in the consignment business is Michael's Consignment in New York City, which sometimes sells merchandise on Ebay or through their online store."
Fox Business:
"It doesn't hurt that consignment shopping has become much more chic and mainstream than it used to be"
The New York Times -- ThursdayStyles:
"...this label heaven... only sells items from recent seasons. Designer bags hang unceremoniously from metal rods, and fleets of Louboutins cluster atop clothing racks."
ZAGAT New York City Shopping:
"STILL THE Upper East Side’s best resource for gently used Chanel, Hermes, etc." confide consignment acolytes about this vet (est. 1954), whose "helpful staff" supplies ladies with "designer merch at a discount"
New York Post:
"…Michael’s is your best bet for spectacular secondhand duds. Since 1954, the consignment shop has outfitted fashion-forward New Yorkers on a budget."
Washington Post:
"(At Michael’s) There are racks of lollipop-colored Chanel suits and skits, label-stamped handbags, rows of the shoe trifecta (Prada, Gucci, Blahnik).  In fact, you could dress from head (sparkly tiara) to toe (Miu Miu polka-dot slides) and still have enough left over for McNuggets.”
W Magazine:
" …at Michael's, a women's consignment shop on Manhattan's Upper East Side …a trim bouclé Chanel suit or an eye-popping Pucci caftan can each fetch hundreds of dollars at the neighborhood resale store, where that Yves Saint Laurent Mombasa bag you coveted a few years back can be nabbed for a quarter of its original price..."
The New Yorker:
"(At Michael’s) Designer handbags from recent seasons abound, some, like a feather-and-calfskin clutch from Bottega Veneta still with their tags.”
New York Times—Real Estate:
"It was on Madison that I also found relief in the excellent consignment shops, the repositories of the "wear it once" chic Upper East Side socialites. Michael's (1041 Madison Avenue, near 79th Street) is my favorite"
NY Post - Shopping with André Leon Talley:
"Michael's, an upscale consignment store on the Upper East Side, stocks second-hand designer goods brought in by some of the city’s best-dressed women…"
New York Times — Lifestyle:
"Consumers benefit from consignment shops in two ways.  People with clothes to discard earn back some of the original investment, while budget-conscious shoppers gain access to designer clothing at low cost… On a recent visit to Michael's, the racks included clothing with Chanel and Armani names at less than half their retail cost."
USA Today:
"The Chanel jacket and sweater set at Michael's Consignment Shop for Women may be pre-owned but think of it as carrying on a tradition."
Good Housekeeping:
"...where the wealthy have been known to unload some barely worn Armanis and Donna Karans. Some of the nation's best include Michael's (212) 737-7273."
Boston Herald—Jane Bryant Quinn:
"…at Michael's Resale Shop, I think I died and went to heaven… Name after name after name on clothing that is barely worn, for one-third the retail price."
Women's Wear Daily:
"Customer Service is key and many stores take notes on their customer preferences. Once the customer finds a perfect fit, Michael's…. will show the shopper the rest of that customer's clothing."
Frommer's New York City:
" …visit Michael's, upstairs, where they have all the big-name designers at a fraction of their original cost."
Daily News:
"Designer clothing available, all in excellent condition. Also save big on Chanel."
The New York Edge - Savvy Shopper's Survey:
"Find designer day to evening clothes. You never know what you will find."
The Manhattan Spirit:
"Michael's Resale Shop is the place to pay everyday prices for stuff that is outrageously and, for most, unobtainably expensive new. This hoity haven for previously owned goods attracts the toniest members of Manhattan high society."
Asbury Park Press:
"In addition to an impressive array of top-notch clothes, Michael's stocks shoes, handbags, scarves, hats and costume jewelry."
Our Town Newspaper:
"Michael's, a very service oriented shop selling only designer quality women's clothes that cannot be more than two years old."


If you are a member of the press and would like to speak to someone at Michael's, The Consignment Shop for Women, please contact:

Tamara Fluhr-Gates
Director of Business Development
Michael's, The Consignment Shop for Women
1125 Madison Ave | New York, NY 10028
Phone: +1 (212) 737-7273 | Fax: +1 (212) 737-7211