Fashion blogging has taken on a life of its own.  We have many favorites!  It would be impossible to list them all... here are four we think you should check out.  Some are more well-known with huge reach... some are specific to where you may be in your life right now... others are just a girl, a camera, and a fun sense of style.  Enjoy!  And please let us know if you have any favorites... we are always looking for great blogs!

Leandra Medine is the brilliant creator behind this extremely successful fashion blog.  At only 24 years of age, Leandra has created an unparalleled blog following by combining her unique sense of fashion with her witty writing style and voice.  Why is the blog called the man repeller?  "Good fashion is about pleasing women, not men, so as it happens, the trends that we love, men hate. And that is fantastic."--Leandra Medine

Started by LA based Emily Schuman, we like cupcakes and cashmere because there is a little bit of everything on her blog.  Fashion is her focus, but she also has some DIY projects, interior design, beauty tips and recipes.  She's young, cute and fashionable (like most bloggers these days) and she has a love for making all things in life more beautiful.

Momtrends allows you to be realistically fashionable while juggling the awesomeness of motherhood.  Created by Nicole Feliciano (a past Ralph Lauren executive) in 2007, the site aims to be "the girlfriend you always look forward to bumping into at yoga class because she makes you feel better about yourself and is always in the know."  With a multitude of tips on being a mom and maintaining an edge, we love momtrends because it gives tips on how to live life practically.

We think this blog is interesting because they give you an inside look into some of the most fashionable fashion icons out there.  Erin Kleinberg and Stephanie Mark are dedicated to being your "source for behind-the-scenes, unparalleled access to the world's most influential celebrities, tastemakers, events and prestigious brands."  Unlike most blogs on the scene, this site is dedicated to showcasing someone else's style.  And the people they showcase are the people we often strive to emulate. 

Think we missed one?  Please comment below.  We love to learn more about great blogs out there!

September 07, 2015 — Tamara Gates

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