We love ankle boots… or better known as Booties. It took us a minute to figure out the best way to wear them when they first came on the scene, but we’ve mastered the trend and we are happy to see Booties are here to stay (at least for now!) So, in this post, we’re going to share with you some ways to style one of the most essential and stylish accessories of the season while working and playing. 

Lately, the Michael’s girls have been drooling over all the booties we have got in store. And why not?! The outfit opportunities with booties are endless which means that it can instantly make any outfit fun and super cute. Whether you like a classic black or brown, or some quirky embellishments, or sky-high heels- booties are versatile and one of our favorite accessories to style.

Ladies, sit back and relax while we share with you our top five booties outfits that will give you some quick style inspiration! And if you’re still confused about how to own the top trends of this season, make sure to stop by at Michael’s- The Consignment Shop for Women on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Our style experts know it all ;)

How to style:


- A little black sweater dress is perfect for the cold weather season. It can be dressed up or down. Look for a short to medium length dress and flaunt those legs while still being warm in sheer tights!

- A dressy and feminine vest is a fun way to dress up your outfit, break up the black and add some color. Black can often become boring during the fall/winter, so remember to always add a pop to your style. 

- Look for a pair in a dark wine color, which is a more interesting alternative to black and brown, and is neutral enough to pair well, with just about any color. Colors such as oxblood and burgundy also work well as neutrals.


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How to Style:

- Find your favorite girly skirt and throw on a casual black jacket. This will make sure you remain warm while being super cute!

- Pairing booties with a girly skirt adds another dimension to a feminine outfit. The combination of leather booties with a feminine skirt makes for a dramatic and fun contrast! 

- Pointed toes make your outfit look more dressy and feminine while keeping that edge. 

- High heels add length to your legs which makes them look fabulously sexy! [PS: We're sharing one of our most loved secrets for photos: stand with one foot in front of the other to add that extra length to your legs;)]

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How to style:
- Just because it is an in-office party doesn't mean you should drop the flair. The key is to put together an outfit that would transition smoothly from desk to party. Remember to remain elegant, yet stand out by adding in some fun and bold elements. 

 - Give your regular work blazer a ditch for something that is more dressy and exciting! (Yet board-room approved)

-While a leather skirt may not be easy at every office, the in- office party is a perfect time to wear it. Keep the leather conservative with a knee length or below-the-knee length skirt. 

 - Say goodbye to your flats for a few hours! Find your favorite pair of high heeled booties and be party ready ;)

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How to style:
-  It's time to bid farewell to those basic errands outfits, and pick up your dry cleaning or groceries looking super chic! 

 - Loose fitting bagging pants are perfect for running errands. They look stylish yet super comfortable. Pair it with a cute white blouse and throw on a vest to give your outfit some edge. 

- With this outfit, there's no more losing receipts! Put those bills carefully into your vest pocket, or even better- wear your favorite cross-body bag to combine utility with style. 

- Make sure your shoes are comfortable for all of the walking you're about to do. Ditch the Converse for some fashion- forward low heel booties.

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 Stay tuned for more ways to Rock some of the latest fashion trends! 




November 13, 2015 — Arushi Mehra

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