Consignment Store FairyWith so many years of consignment experience, we have come to believe that “if you ask for it, it will come” - Better known to us as the “CONSIGNMENT STORE FAIRY”. 

*Just today a consignor brought in all of her gorgeous hardly used Blahnik, Jimmy Choo and Louboutin shoes because she recently had back surgery and can no longer wear high heels. She explained that now she only wears flats. Not even an hour later, another client, the same exact size, brought in 10 pairs of designer flats because she recently had a baby and has outgrown them. Certainly, the consignment store fairy brought them for the lady with the back problem!

*Laura needed a gown for her son’s wedding and was starting to panic when a month before, the consignment store fairy still had not pulled through. When she was about to lose faith and actually shop at a retail store, the most gorgeous eggplant colored gown came in. Did I mention the bride had requested the gown be dark purple or chocolate brown? Surely, the consignment store fairy was listening

*Recently, one of our regular customers had purchased a very expensive Chanel suit retail. On her very first outing, she spilled red wine on the skirt – it was ruined. She came to Michael’s and told us the story. We all celebrated when two months later, the consignment store fairy delivered a Chanel skirt, in her size, that matched her jacket perfectly!

*One or our regular clients, who has purchased many wonderful handbags from Michael’s, told the consignment store fairy that she really wanted an orange Hermes Birkin bag. Within 3 months we had a mint-in-box one to offer her. Thank you, consignment store fairy!

    Conversely, we’ve had many customers come in the week after they spent retail on the must-have bag of the season only to see it on our shelves for a fraction of the price. At Michael’s, you always need to keep faith in the consignment store fairy! She always delivers...

    March 29, 2016 — Tamara Gates

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