Looking back on the 64 years of Michael’s history, I am amazed that the years have gone so fast. I worked alongside my Dad for many years until his death in 1992.  Some of you might remember him and Cynthia, Annette, Judy, Deborah and the many other wonderful employees who passed through our doors. Each in their way, brought something to the party and added to the upbeat and professional atmosphere we are known for.

Now we are “on the move”. It is both very exciting and a little bitter sweet. First of all, instead of walking around the corner to get to work, I will have to walk 4 whole blocks. The good news is that there are only 4 steps in our new location, a big help for a lady of a certain age. It is a beautiful space, being made even more so as I write this.

The best news of all is that Tammy, my amazing daughter, will be helping me lead the way, as she has been for the last 12 years or so. She is whip smart, creative, energetic, hardworking, conscientious, with great integrity.

I look forward to the implementation of her ideas. I will still be around for a long time to enjoy them.

Love, Laura

March 29, 2018 — Laura Fluhr


Monique Thomas_McCabe said:

I only wish that I was in town to give a hand with the move . The new store sound so great and beautiful ! Where exactly is it ? Under Encore ?
When you will have a moment try to send me a picture , I can’t wait to see it . I do not know yet when I will be coming but when I will be back , it will be for a long time .
So happy and tickle about your new store !
Big hugs to all the gang !

Marcie Adler said:

Congrats!!!!! Moving forward is always the best move in life. I miss “the Cousins”…yesterday was Richard Adler’s 83rd. Birthday. All the best!!!!!Marcie

barbara feldman said:

You are the best Laura and I wish you good luck in your new space. Just to let you know that after selling so much of my precious Chanel clothing due to you I remodeled my kitchen with the proceeds. I guess you can call it recycling. Thanks for all you do for the women with good taste.
Best. Barbara.

Ellen Goodwin said:

Wow Laura, all the best. My life has gotten more casual now that I am an artist but whenever I need something chic and sophisticated I will come by.
When and where will you be moving?

Kelly Bunting said:

Congratulations on the new phase of life for Michaels! I can’t wait to experience it!!

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