The King Of Cashmere:
Brunello Cucinelli was born in Castel Rigone, Italy in 1953. Initially, he began a career in engineering but eventually changed paths to creating his own business of dying cashmere. Through his observations of his father’s work experiences, Cucinelli decided upon promoting a concept of moral and economic dignity. 

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In the 1980s, Cucinelli and his family moved to Solomeo in pursuit of growing as an entrepreneur and humanist. His high-quality “made in Italy” products were becoming popular, and having an increase in market demand allowed the business to flourish. Over the first three months of selling his product, Cucinelli moved around 400 sweaters. Over the next 15 to 20 years, the brand focused on one product area: cashmere sweaters. Cucinelli was seeking perfection for one single thing, “I was the man with the sweaters, the cashmere guy.” (Sourced from Business of Fashion)

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Today Brunello Cucinelli is a well known and respected cashmere brand. Described by the designer as “Sportivo Chic”, the brand’s collection is made up of cashmere cardigans and crew neck sweaters along with the tailored trousers and jackets. Many of the pieces are timeless, created to be worn for long periods of time and to be cherished as classic staple pieces in one’s wardrobe. The brands collections are created from the finest Mongolian cashmere and tailored into modern forms eventually becoming objects of luxury fashion.The men’s and women’s collections are similar in color tone and classic shapes.  

They both offer staples for the classically dressed individual. It is possible to create a capsule collection just from Brunello Cucinelli items as they are well made and can stand the test of time. 

Photos are courtesy of The New York Times Style Magazine and Brunello Cucinelli Website

March 17, 2021 — Andrea Moreno

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