Chanel ClassicWhy does the quilt get so much love?

Ever wonder why fashion lovers from around the globe swoon over the little square quilt and chains? Is it the high price tag, the celebrities that wear it or is it the fact that some of us can spit out Chanel quotes faster than lyrics to our favorite song? We have one answer… it’s because it is classic. Those two interlocking C’s are seductive yet elegant. Their simplicity stands for dignity and poise. The Chanel Classic has retained timelessness so that it appeals to ladies of all ages – from the refined woman uptown who loves to wear it with a suit and heels to the downtown 20 year-olds that love the rock ‘n roll edge it gives to a t-shirt and flip flops. You can look effortlessly chic in ripped jeans yet still own the street without trying too hard. I personally am willing to sacrifice the rest of my outfit, give up meals and even take the subway – if I could just get my hands on one of these bags. Is it necessary? Some would argue yes. I think a handbag like the Chanel Classic can make people feel more worthy, more powerful and more capable – just all around better. 

It-Bags may come and go; only a handful of handbags have the stellar qualities to become timeless. Iconic bags are not just impeccably designed; they transcend the time. The legendary Chanel 2.55, which was revealed in 1955 (its name comes from the month and year it was launched), is one of those iconic bags. Simply by owning one of these bags you have just been accepted into one of the most exclusive of clubs, you’re wearing a piece of art that has inspired so many designers. You own a piece of history that will likely outlive you (for generations).

And as if you needed more reasons to love the Classic, check out this Marie Claire article... "A Chanel bag is officially the best financial investment you could ever make".

Coco says, “Elegance does not consist in putting on a new dress”. You’re right Coco, it consists of draping one of your Chanel Classics over my shoulder!

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June 30, 2016 — Dara Sayet

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