From left to right: Pharrell, Rumba, Megan, and Rosie
Megan Rose is one of the co-founders of Gal’s Best Friend: a website focusing on the women who love the dogs in their lives. Founded by three best friends and dog moms who now live in different areas around the country, Megan is our local NYC dog mom and puppy guru! Megan is the go-to of all things dog related in New York City; her own three pups Pharell, Rosie, and Rumba follow her around like groupies and she takes them everywhere . She brings her doggie darlings to work and even to happy hour at some of her favorite dog-friendly restaurants that offer outdoor seating. Megan has even been featured on The Dodo where she shared her rescue of Rumba while she was on vacation in the Dominican Republic. The love is so real between these four!  If you have a dog she’s sure to be your virtual new best friend. We dressed Megan up in a gorgeous pale blue Ralph Lauren dress paired with Robert Clergerie flats, and accessorized her pups in color coordinating Hermes scarves. These three rescue pups have come so far thanks to Megan; from homeless to Hermes!

Michael’s Consignment: How did your love of dogs start?

Megan Rose: I grew up with dogs! My mom use to train Rotties so we always had at least 3 or mom dogs at a time. I think I have had a total of 26 dogs so far. It's a family obsession.

MC: What inspired you and your best friends to start Gal’s Best Friend?

MR: I randomly had a dream one night that we 3 started a site that was a mix of a fashion blog meets a crazy dog lady. I called them the next morning and they both were in!

MC: Now, tell us about your three adorable pups!

MR: My babies! Pharrell was the first and it just went downhill from there. About a year after having Pharrell, we saw that Rosie was looking for a new home and then exactly a year after that we met Rumba on the beach. They are my life, I love them more than anything in the whole world, they get me through everything. 

MC: What was your experience rescuing Rumba while you were on vacation in the Dominican Republic? Would you ever want to work with an international rescue again?

MR: At first, it was frustrating. We couldn't find anyone to help us, then the night before we left when we had thought we would have to extend our trip or just leave we found a Yelp review about a rescue in the area we were staying called Collars Rojos, we called her and she actually knew Rumba, she had spayed her the year before. She met us on the beach hours before we had to leave, helped us get her and another pup off the beach and take them to the vet then back to her shelter where she held them for about 3 weeks while shots and paperwork were getting done. She shipped them to us along with 4 other dogs about 3 weeks later.

We still work with her, two of my friend have adopted dogs from her shelter since. We also work with Global Strays, which is an organization that helps rescues like Collars Rojos in other countries.

MC: We know you’re not only a big fan of dogs, but also a fan of fashion! Describe your style in three words.

MR: Classic, chic and casual.

MC: A favorite fashion designer?

MR: I really have a soft spot for everything Chanel. I also love Acme and Saint Laurent.

MC: A favorite non-pup spot in NYC?

MR: I am a Dallas girl, so I love everything that has to do with Mexican food or tequila. So I love La Esquina downtown and Pulquria in Chinatown.

MC: How does the doggy culture in NYC compare to Texas, where you’re originally from?

MR: It's totally different. Dallas makes it easy for you to stay at home with your dog in your big spacious backyard, or just jump in car and go to the park. Living in the city you have to get creative, you are out and about all the time with your pups and I love it. The New York dog mom community is amazing, I have made so many friends that I would have never met if it wasn't for these pups.

MC: Favorite dog spot in NYC?

MR: We basically live in Central Park. But besides that, we love Boris and Horton and basically anywhere with a patio like El Rio Grande in Murray Hill or City Vineyard downtown!

MC: What is your favorite thing about living in New York City?

MR: I honestly love the dog community. Sometimes when I think about leaving, I have to remind myself that I will never find a dog world like this anywhere else. I also love the people here, so many people with different backgrounds and all something different to give to this amazing city.

MC: Now, what’s your favorite thing about being a dog mom in New York City?

MR: 1. The dog community and the friends I have made.

        2.The endless Instagram backdrops ;)

        3. Having to spend time with my dogs. Living in the city you don't have the choice for your dog to be a backyard dog or have a doggy door so they can let them selfs out. You have to schedule your life around them, and I love it. I spend 95% of my time with these babes and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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June 11, 2019 — Tracie Pfrogner

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