Breast Cancer is the leading cancer in women in the United States besides skin cancer.  It accounts for 30% (1 in 3) of new female cancers each year.  Surprising to many, it affects both men and women. The lifetime risk for women is 1 in 8 while the lifetime risk in men is 1 in 833.  Given these numbers, you’d be hard pressed to find an individual who has not been affected by the disease in some way.  

Breast Cancer Awareness month was created in 1985 to both educate society about the disease and, more importantly, to remind everyone that early detection is key to battling it.  Now known as Pinktober, the month of October reminds us all how important it is to take care of ourselves and our bodies.  

Pink Week in Support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Michael’s Luxury Consignment is a long time supporter of Breast Cancer Awareness. Every year we participate in fundraising and events to promote the central mission of educating women of all ages to get annual mammogram screenings. No one wants to get a cancer diagnosis… EVER. But early detection is the key to survival. 

In support of Pinktober we are donating 10% of our sales during October 8-14 to Memorial Sloan Kettering’s Breast Cancer division. It is our hope that, one day, no one will suffer from this disease.  Currently there are more than 4 million breast cancer survivors and/or patients living in the US. However, because of fundraising, better treatments, early detection and overall awareness, death rates associated with the disease have decreased by 43% since the late 1980’s.  We must continue to fight the good fight. We must continue to educate ourselves and our communities.  We must never give up. 

If you’d prefer to donate to sloan directly, please use this link to donate. And if you haven’t already, make sure to schedule your annual screening!

Memorial Sloan Kettering

October 07, 2023 — Tamara Gates

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