Hey Ladies! The warmer weather has FINALLY arrived! With the first day of being able to grab drinks outside, social distancing involved of course, and being able to responsibly spend time with friends and loved ones outside, we figured it's about time to break out the spring trends we have been loving. 

Florals For Spring? Ground Breaking.

Yes, we all know that with the official start of spring, floral patterns will be more popular. Like Miranda Priestly sarcastically stated, “Groundbreaking.” While florals have become a staple for spring trends, there are so many other ways of transforming your wardrobe to the warmer weather. Personally, I have been loving the vintage and feminine silhouette of peasant sleeve dresses. Ulla Johnson has released some incredible dresses with this shape. The combination of the puffy sleeves and florals or eyelet patterns make the spring themed dresses fun and new. 




Try out our version of the peasant sleeve dress, this Zimmerman dress has the classic spring florals with a design twist of shoulder cutouts and a peasant sleeve silhouette. 

Think Seinfeld puffy pirate shirt, but make it fashion.

Another way to embrace the peasant sleeve trend for spring is by wearing a shirt with ruffles and puffy sleeves. While Jerry Seinfeld made a joke out of it, the style is actually very chic. The large sleeves and ruffles can make your shape slimmer and bring a fashionable look to your outfit. 


Try out a shirt like this one from Alice + Olivia to wear a puffy sleeve shirt with a chic and fashionable twist. 

Stay Groovy Baby! 


 A 70s vibe in clothing is having a resurgence. Wide leg pants paired with a simple t-shirt has become a staple. outfit that shows simple elegance and fashionable style. From the spring 2021 runway looks, platform shoes with wide leg pants are a popular trend to copy. Wearing platform sandals with wide leg jeans creates a tall and sliming silhouette. We are also loving pairing heeled mules with flared jeans, giving a slight 70s vibe with a chic modern twist. 



Try out an outfit combination like this: super wide leg jeans with a white slogan tee and platform sandals.

Another great 70s style trend that has been popping up is the rug style coat. The different patterns, chunky-ness, and over sized shape is becoming a huge trend for spring. It is also a different take on the classic trench coat. Instead of the khaki coat, go for some print, color, or fringe! Tapestry or folk inspired coats is a vintage bohemian 70s trend that has come back in a big way. Not only is it inspiring to go thrifting and reuse old fashions, but it is a great way to bring patterns and textures into your closet. Paring one of these coats with blue jeans and a white tee is a subdued fashionable way of wearing a rug coat. Or you can be ‘far out’ and wear color matching clothes underneath the coat to make a monochromatic or color blocking themed outfit. 


Styling for spring will be amazing no matter how you choose to dress. With the warmer weather we are all feeling adventurous in what we are wearing!

March 30, 2021 — Andrea Moreno

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