Bracelets!We have been covered up for way too long ladies. Winter feels like it’s been here for a lifetime, because I seriously can’t remember the last time I enjoyed an epic outside brunch in the Village. My arms are pasty white, my legs even worse and forget my usually perfectly polished pedi. Good news is that the weather app on my phone shows that things are looking up so it’s time to start the prep! When the short sleeves come, so does my motto of rack ‘em and stack ‘em… bracelets that is. There is just something about a little arm candy that does it for us Michael’s girls. I mean seriously, some killer designer bangles enhance jeans and a tee or a cute summer dress. The mixing of textures, colors, designers and prints make you feel like a million bucks and are the perfect accessories when you need a major pick me up! I can tell you this – there are no rules. Heavy metal is always in when the sun starts shining!

The Cuff

This baby is big and bad! It takes up nearly the whole wrist but don’t be afraid to pile something else on top of it!

The Enamel Bangle

Colors and patterns galore! Think Hermes, Milly and all those other single names we love! No rules here – so browns go with oranges and blues go with red. Think of this as rainbow sherbet delight!

Bracelets at Michael's Consignment

The Open Ended Bracelet

These cuties might be skinny but they make a statement. Mix them with enamels, gems or anything else you can fit on that cute arm of yours ;)

The Metal Bracelet

Like an eternity ring for your wrist – how bout that? Pile them on, for realz! You can wear these morning, noon and night – like even in your sleep!

The Gem Bracelet

Bring on the bling because gemstones are always on my hit list! Boyfriend jeans and a ripped t-shirt need some glam. Time to rock on and pile these babies on!

Shop Chanel bracelets

*as seen in image 2:
Chanel Yellow Metal Bracelet $430
Chanel Black Purple Pink Jewel Green Stone Bracelet $2,070
Chanel Gold Metal Links CC Bracelet Cuff $1,725
Chanel Gold Metal Bracelet Cuff w/ Sun Detail $630
Hermes Blue Lizard Silver Hardware Bracelet $2,300

*as seen in image 3
Vincent Peach Grey Tahitian Pearl Bracelet $865
Ippolita blue Topaz Sterling Silver Diamond Bracelet $575
Chanel Gold Metal Gripoux Vintage Bracelet $2,070
John Hardy Silver Brown Leather Bracelet $170


Need some more ideas to add to the arm party? We got you! :)


April 06, 2017 — Dara Sayet

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