Twenty years ago, HBO debuted Sex and the City, a show about four women living vicariously in New York City, with Manolos on their feet and a Cosmopolitan in their right hand. The show starred Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, Kim Cattrall, and Kristin Davis. Sex and the City spoke to us through its fashion, dating dramas, and just general life in the city.This show wasn’t just a show, it was a lifestyle representing single fabulous women living out their dreams in New York City. We were there with Carrie when she received the post it note break up all the way to her “something blue” Manolo Blahnik heels when she finally married Mr. Big. From brunching to babies, Sex and the City covered everything about being a woman in the early 2000’s.
As someone who has been craving my own pair of strappy Manolo Blahnik heels or those sought-after red soled Christian Louboutin pumps, I am fortunate that I work at a luxury consignment store. As an upscale resale boutique online and in-store, we make it so that all us wannabe Carrie Bradshaw’s can get our designer cravings filled while not emptying out our bank accounts. We may even have that iconic Birkin bag you’ve been dreaming of.
And don’t even get me started on the amount of style inspiration we gained from this show. Keep reading to see how we styled looks inspired by our favorite New York City girlfriends.
A Carrie Bradshaw themed outfit wouldn’t be complete with a pair of Manolo Blahniks and a fun handbag!

Valentino Handbag $325 
Manolo Blahnik Sandals Sz. 39 $150 
Tomas Maier Sz. 0 Denim Jacket $89
Matthew Williamson Camisole Sz. 10 $150
Christian Dior Skirt Sz. 4 $295

Sexy yet always stylish, here is our Samantha styled look!

Swarovski Bracelet $55 
Prada Clutch $915 
Jimmy Choo Sandals Sz. 37
Michael Kors Dress Sz. 2 $195 

If there’s one thing we learned from Charlotte, it’s how to always look well put together.

Milly Dress Sz. 4 $109
Jimmy Choo Heels Sz. 41 $175
Lambertson Truex Handbag $195
Cutler and Gross of London Sunglasses $109

Miranda was always a bit of a sporty yet professional wildcard when it came to her style.

Vivienne Westwood Pants Sz. 4 $89
Chanel Sneakers Sz. 39 $455
Rag & Bone Jacket Sz. 6 $135
Louis Vuitton Crossbody $1030

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What’s some of your favorite style moments from the show? Tell us in the comments below!

Article images courtesy of HBO

June 11, 2018 — Tracie Pfrogner

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