One of 2019’s unexpected trends was the cardigan. The cardigan brought us out of the winter and into the spring, and now there’s no doubt that the cardigan is making its way back for the fall season. Styling a cardigan feels fresh compared to our go to turtlenecks and chunky knit pullover sweaters. Not to mention the 90s nostalgia wearing a cardigan as a top has been giving us. 

The lovable factors about cardigans are how versatile they are. A cardigan can be worn as a top buttoned all the way, as a normal sweater with no buttons buttoned over a top or dress, or it can be buttoned one or two times at the top or in the middle. Lest we forget the over-the-shoulder drape when it's still 80 degrees during the day in New York. 

Things to watch for while looking for a cardigan are thick knits, big tortoise buttons, thin knits, pearl buttons, and cropped and oversized silhouettes. 

Cropped Cardi
Wear a cropped cardigan with high waisted jeans or over a dress for easy looks.
The pizzazz is all in the sequined embellishments. Not to mention argyle is supposed to be coming back.
Simplicity At It's Finest 
Although the previous style is quite impressive, tried and true simple pieces can still pack a punch.
Knit Details
Something that isn't always emphasized is the popularity in details on a knit. This Prada number interesting because of the ruffled knit pockets.
What other micro trends in the cardigan trend have you been loving? Let us know in the comments!
September 30, 2019 — Rachel Trusso

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