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Did you now the ancient Roman goddess of marriage was named Juno? Back in the day many people opted to honor her by getting married in June. Seems that tradition lives on... wedding season is just around the corner. But don't worry, we have you covered in our highly curated Wedding Suite. We'll help you shop for the perfect look from black-tie to beach front fab!


Beach weddings are beautiful and romantic... but sand and stilettos don't mix! Wedges, flats or easily slipped off shoes are a must and your dress should be laid-back, flowy and chic. 
The beach Wedding


Pantone color 15-0343 Greenery (think the color of grass) is THE color for Spring, so no doubt the Garden Wedding will be popular this season. So, what to wear? For an afternoon event, throw on a simple short floral dress, pin up your hair in a messy low bun, and head out to celebrate while basking in the sun.
Garden Party Wedding


Semi-formal or cocktail attire continues to be the most popular dress code for weddings. But what does that mean?!?! If you want a foolproof plan, grab a great little black dress (like the Milly dress below) and dress it up with fun jewelry and killer shoes. Or, you can wear a fun color that is bright and feminine. Cocktail allows for creativity!
Semi-formal wedding


Black tie for men is crystal clear...for women, not so much. Technically you can wear anything from a long dress, to a full-on gown, to great separates, to a formal cocktail dress. We say, wear what you feel most comfortable and beautiful in. If you've always wanted that Cinderella gown, now is your chance to go all out! And don't shy away from color. Just because it says "Black" tie doesn't mean red is off the table. 
Black tie wedding

May 24, 2017 — Tamara Gates

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