A few weeks ao Michael’s Luxury Consignment was lucky enough to have a special visitor all the way from London - Trinny Woodall. If you aren't familiar with the megastar, Trinny is essentially the lifestyle and fashion influencer in the UK and Europe. She is a renowned fashion advisor, TV presenter, and entrepreneur, and has made an indelible mark on the fashion and beauty industry. Trinny gained widespread recognition as one half of the dynamic duo alongside Susannah Constantine in the early 2000s with the makeover show, "What Not to Wear." 

Today, she has over 1 million Instagram followers, almost 450,000 Youtube subscribers and a widely successful skincare/beauty brand called Trinny London. The brand uniquely offers personalized makeup solutions tailored to individual skin tones and preferences. Trinny's influence extends beyond the screen and the beauty counter as well. She has authored several books on fashion and style, sharing her wisdom and empowering readers to embrace their unique sense of self-expression. In her personal life, Trinny has weathered challenges with resilience, openly discussing her experiences with addiction and recovery. Her candidness has inspired many, fostering a sense of connection and understanding. Her supporters also value her honest opinions, authenticity and lively personality. 

Upper East Side Pre-loved Fashion

Over the years, she has become known for her love of shopping secondhand and makes it a point to promote the pre-loved lifestyle to her followers. On her social media, you can find countless videos of a series in which she invites viewers along with her to vintage and consignment shops across the globe and just this month Michael’s was featured in her Upper East Side visit, which she notes is her favorite area to shop second hand from!

In her YouTube video you’ll see Trinny explore the sales floor of our Madison Avenue store and experience the magic of shopping at Michael’s! Some of her favorite finds were a Prada leopard print dress, an oversized Chanel flap bag, a Rick Owens cardigan and Saint Laurent dress that she actually owned in a different silhouette! Trinny went home with this gorgeous gold Chanel chain belt with black leather detailing. We cannot wait to see how she styles this piece and we can’t wait for her next visit to Michael’s. Thanks for stopping by!

Trinny Woodall Shops Michael's

June 12, 2024 — Jaime Schaus

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