Michael's wants to know, what's your sign? Your zodiac sign offers tremendous insight into your personality. It even has a lot to do with your sense of style too! Whether you are an honest Aries or a witty Gemini, we love all signs and types of style here at Michael's Luxury Consignment! Check out the outfits below for inspiration or to shop any of the looks. 


The first sign in the zodiac. Aries are competitive, courageous, honest, driven, bold, and energetic. So think Lady Gaga, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Reese Witherspoon--talk about incredible women with an amazing sense of fashion! This glittery Valentino sweater paired with these Balenciaga pants and simple Hermes booties is a perfect statement for any Aries.

Balenciaga Pants sz. 4 $140| Valentino Sweater sz. 6 $455| Yuul Yle Handbag $200| Hermes Boots sz. 38.5 $515


Taurus are materialistic, aesthetic, stable, practical, stoic, and patient. Celebrity Taurus include Cher, Adele, and Megan Fox. This Saint Laurent metallic top paired with flowy Stella McCartney pants make the perfect combination for any Taurus. To finish, these Chanel booties and Bvlgari handbag add the perfect touches. 

Saint Laurent Sweater sz. 8 $570| Stella McCartney Pants sz. 6 $200| Chanel Booties sz. 39.5 $685


Geminis are known for being versatile, youthful, fun, witty, having big personalities, and smart. Iconic Geminis include Marilyn Monroe, Naomi Campbell, and Brooke Shields. This look screams Gemini through the Maticevski ruffled skirt and the Escada sparkle top. These playful Valentino booties and monogram Fendi handbag add a fun touch to the outfit as well. 

Maticevski Ruffle Skirt sz. 8 $230| Escada Beaded Top sz. 4 $125| Valentino Booties sz. 39.5 $915


Cancers are intuitive, compassionate, loyal, nostalgic, enigmatic, and charming. Princess Diana, Ariana Grande, and Selena Gomez are all well-known Cancers who share these qualities. This look embodies the ultimate chic yet comfortable style that Cancers love. This Marc Jacobs sweater pairs perfectly with these Brunello Cucinelli leather pants. The look is finished off with a chic Nancy Gonzalez handbag and Chanel pumps.

Marc Jacobs Cardigan sz. 8 $430| Nancy Gonzalez Handbag $1440


Leos are creative, generous, cheerful, warm-hearted, dramatic, and vivacious. Famous Leos include Kylie Jenner, Sandra Bullock, and Cara Delevinge. This Leger dress paired with Ritch Erani metallic heels is a perfect night time look for any Leo. This Chanel rhinestone handbag and sunglasses add the finishing touches to this dazzling look.

Leger Dress sz. 2 $570| Ritch Erani Heels sz. 37.5 $90| Chanel Handbag $2300| Chanel Sunglasses $225


Virgos are modest, gentle, hardworking, logical, systematic, and supportive. This outfit captures the essence of chic Virgos. This Italy plaid coat paired with Ralph Lauren velvet pants is a perfect match. Lastly, these Stubbs & Wootton flats and classic Hermes Kelly tie the entire look together. 

Italy Wool Coat sz. 4 $375| Ralph Lauren Pants sz. 4 $130| Stubbs & Wootton Flats sz. 42 $170| Hermes 32CM Kelly $4800


Libras love love love shopping! They are clever, charming, humourous, aesthetic, idealist, and a great listener. Well-known Libras include Kim Kardashian, Cardi B, and Halsey. Libras love labels, so this logo Balenciaga sweater paired with R+A leather pants makes a fun statement. To finish off the look, a metallic Chanel handbag and Golden Goose sneakers complete the attention-grabbing look.

Balenciaga Sweater sz. 2 $800| R+A Pants sz. 4 $90| Golden Goose Sneakers sz. 35 $125| Chanel Handbag $1840


Scorpios are emotional, imaginative, intense, loyal, passionate, and curious. Winona Ryder, Julia Roberts, and Kendall Jenner are just a few famous Scorpios, each with their own distinct style. This Herve Leger dress matches the intensity of the Scorpio perfectly. The look is finished off with Christian Louboutin heels and a patent leather clutch with a Reed Krakoff Cuff. 

Herve Leger Dress sz. 6 $225| Christian Louboutin Heels sz. 40.5 $400| Christian Louboutin Clutch $290| Reed Krakoff Cuff $200


Sagittarius are optimistic, restless, honest, progressive, adventurous, and independent. Tyra Banks, Britney Spears, and Miley Cyrus are just a few famous Sags. This Marc Jacobs sweater and Rick Owens joggers are perfect for any Sag on the go. To top off the look, these Isabel Marant sneakers and Louis Vuitton satchel are the perfect finishing touches.

Marc Jacobs Sweater sz. 2 $90| Rick Owens Joggers sz. 2 $290| Isabel Marant Sneakers sz. 38 $290| Louis Vuitton Satchel $860


Capricorns are self-reliant, ambitious, realistic, sensitive, persistent, and disciplined. Dolly Parton, Michelle Obama, and Kate Middleton are some celebrities Capricorns with a great sense of style. This Dries Van Noten top paired with this Escada skirt makes a perfect statement for any ambitious Capricorn. These Gucci bee heels and Chanel hobo bag complete the look. 

Dries Van Noten Top sz. 4 $170| Escada Skirt sz. 6 $145| Chanel Shoulder Bag $1,150


Aquarius are assertive, original, analytical, independent, humanitarian, and easy-going. Think Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres, and Shakira. Aquarius love to march to the beat of their own drum so this Arkis blazer jacket and Valentino patterned pants make the perfect statement. To finish off the look, add a pop of green like this Jimmy Choo shoulder bag and ground the outfit with Anne Bing booties like these. 

Arkis Jacket sz. 12 $340| Valentino Pants sz. 6 $145| Jimmy Choo Handbag $685| Anne Bing Booties sz. 7 $290


Pisces are empathetic, romantic, mystical, impressionable, imaginative, and pleasure-seeking people. Well-known Pisces include Drew Barrymore, Rihanna, and Camila Cabello. This romantic inspired outfit incorporates shades of chartreuse, a trending color for the current and upcoming season. This Rachel Comey peasant top and Marni pants go perfectly with one another, alongside this Hermes handbag and Ferragamo heels. 

Rachel Comey Top sz. 4 $375| Marni Pants sz. 0 $170| Hermes Handbag $1035| Ferragamo Heels sz. 39 $685


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