Celebrating Women's History Month


March is International Women’s Month.  A movement that began in 1957 in New York City with a brave group of female textile workers that organized one of the first strikes by working women against poor and unfair working conditions. 

These badass women no doubt paved the way for the badass women that I get to work with every day at Michael’s.  The women who ignited the movement knew their worth and were willing to fight for it. The women at Michael’s also know their worth and so do I!  

Every one of the team members here at Michael’s deserves individual recognition and shout outs for their amazingness. They are fierce, fun and fabulous… not to mention fashionably fantastic.  

Thank you ladies for being who you are and for being part of our team.  You are all very much appreciated and I am grateful for all you… always!  Happy International Women’s Month… keep on being badass women and paving the way for future generations!

March 08, 2023 — Tamara Gates

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