About Laura

After living in NYC, Chicago, and Boston, and spending time shuffling between teaching and raising three children, Laura Fluhr settled in New Jersey and made her way to the family business in New York. Armed with a B.S. from NYU and an M.S. from Illinois, Laura was ready to take over her father's reins. She has served as President of Michael's since 1985 - over three decades after the store was first opened.

With Laura's father establishing the company, it was Laura who made the business even stronger by fostering growth, increasing brand awareness, and maintaining the reputation for integrity and quality that her father had started.

Aside from company growth, Laura has focused on building relationships with both consignors and design houses, and keeping a consistent flow of high-end, authentic luxury apparel and accessories coming into the store. This type of talent for finding and attracting the best of the best in merchandise has established Michael's as New York City's top consignment store and a global leader in the industry

The most exciting part of running the business? "From Chanel, Hermes, Vuitton, Prada - I never know who or what is coming through the door, and that keeps things very interesting."

About Tammy

Tammy Fluhr-Gates is the Director of Business Development and Marketing at Michael’s. She is also Michael’s grand-daughter, Laura’s daughter, and a proud mother of two who will no doubt take over Michael’s in the future. After college, Tammy picked up and moved to California gaining valuable work and life experience west coast style. The east coast summoned her back and after earning her masters degree, Tammy could no longer ignore the entrepreneurial spirit that flows through all Fluhr/Kosof offspring and was ready to join the family business. With a background in communications, public relations, business development, and operations, Tammy has a history of managing a number of business responsibilities, which serves her well in her current role.

Though her specific focus at Michael's is on brand development, digital strategies and increasing e-commerce operations, the larger role has been to bring the Michaels' brand and store into the 21st century. Tammy has expanded Michael’s into the social media channels, given the brand an e-commerce presence and revamped the company’s website. That focus and hard work has paid off with Michael's e-commerce store doubling revenue over the past 10 months and the online community quadrupling in size. The rollout of a more comprehensive website and digital presence means Michael’s has now expanded its reach globally… something Tammy knows her grandpa Michael would be very proud to learn.

Above all, though, Tammy continues to build upon the groundwork that her mother and grandfather have laid before her, while helping spread the history and tradition that Michael's has spent the past 60 years creating. “Consignment is the smartest business model out there. Everyone wins! Who wouldn’t love that?”