5 Reasons Why Sneakers Have Suddenly Become So Sexy!

No pain no gain right?  WRONG!  We all love the way we feel in heels… A little taller, a great tush lift and could I dare say a bit thinner?  However, by the time I have walked out of the 2 train and up the stairs and in a taxi, I can’t possibly think of having to stand up the entire night at a loud bar, music blasting and all while being cute & cheerful to carry on conversations with potential +1’s.  Next time you head out for a heavy night on the town, think again before slipping on your stilettos.  Sneakers are epic and getting more chic by the day thanks to designers tuning into the comfort and style needed for us chicks that simply like to go hard and look good while doing it!  Check out these 5 reasons why you can switch out the heels for the sexy sneakers this Saturday night.

Sneaker Style is Sexy
1. You can go anywhere!

How many times have you said, I have to throw in the towel for the night because I simply can’t stand anymore?  Or, sorry I’ll have to pass on going to the next bar because I can’t walk there in my heels.  Sneakers will take you places you’ve only dreamed of and to hours of the night that you thought you couldn’t stay awake for.

2.  Weather proof!
Come rain or shine these footsies are ready!  No slip & fall action and sneakers basically hold up in all types of weather.  Saddled up in sneakers and no plans yet for the day –  plan a rainy day at the movies or a walk around Soho because you are ready for just about anything mother nature throws at you.
Sexy Sneakers

3. Comfort is key!
Run, dance, walk or skip because these fancy flats with make you feel uninhibited.   While heels give you a temporary lift, sneakers turn your daily stride into a gym session so you’ll see the calves toning and the bootie a bit plumper.  Stairs are the only way up?  Crush them Stairmaster style in your cushy lux goods.

4. Flat is sexy!
For some reason, we get dressed up and yes, we get attention but ever notice when you are in your gym clothes and super casual you get more horns honking then a red light?  Guys like sporty and girls like fancy stuff.  The new rage of designers making sneakers for the fashionista is possibly better than swimming in a pool filled with chocolate or ice cream with sprinkles.

Prada Sneaker Style Goes with Everything

5. They simply match everything!

Tutu or Jeans, sneakers these days aren’t just for running or Zumba.  They come in snake skin, with crystals and even with a wedge to make have a bit more height.  We even see that brides have ditched the Manolos and have slapped on a pair of slip ons so they can dance the night away and be carried off into pure bliss.  We have seen trends like models strutting down the runway in a ballgown wearing laceup hightops that even Vogue can’t argue with.

Shop some of our fav sneakers here:
Prada Sport Light Blue Suede Sneakers Sz 39.5 Retail Price $560 Michael's Price $175
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Chanel Black Leather Suede Sneakers Sz 36.5 Retail Price $1,000 Michael's Price $800
Prada Ivory Leather Sage Raffia Platform Sneakers Sz 37 Michael's Price $340

This comfy and fabulous trend isn’t going anywhere!  This is certainly a trend that us NYC fashionistas are thrilled to have and we aren’t archiving it anytime soon!

Here are some more links to learn more about this fabulous AND functional trend!




August 17, 2016 — Dara Sayet


Melissa said:

I have multiple pairs of slip on sneakers…as a hairdresser they are super comfortable. Love my TOMs and Keds

Ellen Goodwin said:

These emails are a great idea. I love the sneaker post!

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