Why Consign?  4 Reasons Why Consigning is Best For The Soul, Pocket and Environment!
By Dara Sayet

Time to purge ladies!  Fall is right around the corner and I know all of us literally can’t fit one more hanger in our closet.  There are definitely items in there that you haven’t worn in a year and  that you have no intention of ever touching again.  Rather than reorganizing things that you aren’t in love with, make use of your valuable items and your valuable time and gain something from your closet cleanout. Consignment is the best way to make sure you fully monetize your great investments.

With over 60 years of experience, Michael's Consignment knows value when we see it!  Here are 4 reasons why you should consider consigning this season.

  1. Charity

Some people think, if I donate my stuff then I get a really nifty tax right off.  Remember ladies; this stuff is luxury!  You worked hard to get these items and the charity isn’t going to be able to get maximum money for your items.  Instead, consign with Michael's and set up your account so the proceeds go directly to the charity of your choice.  

Hermes Birkin Bag Consign
  1. Environmentally Friendly

When you recycle a single gently used T-shirt and one pair of jeans, you help save a full pound of chemical fertilizer and pesticide from being released into the soil, water, and atmosphere.  So it’s simple, save the earth by letting someone else enjoy the threads that you have had so much fun in!
Louboutin Pumps Consign

  1. Recycle (Your Money That Is)

You have already spent so much on that floral Gucci tote so why not wear it and when ready, buy something new to replace it.  Maybe it’s a camo or studded tote for Fall?  Recycle your money by consigning items and purchasing something new with the found funds from your sales!  It’s almost like all your purchases have a built in rebate – yay!

Michael's Consignment shop

  1. It’s Soooo Easy

Drop your stuff and let us do the work.  Or, better yet, if you live in the tristate NYC area, give us a call and we'll pick up!  Don’t spend hours on resale sites answering questions from people that want to waste your time, reposting it once it doesn’t sell then having to figure out how to ship a bracelet to Zimbabwe. Clients shopping consignment stores are looking for specific items and we are experts in the field.  We know the exact sweet spot that your Chanel bag should be priced at to lure that buyer in so that they feel compelled to drop their plastic and run out the door.  We handle the transaction and you reap the benefits!
How to Consign Michael's Consignment

Run, don’t walk to Michaels because…

Ladies rejoice, it is now officially time to start your Fall consigning!!!!

August 24, 2016 — Dara Sayet


Tammy Gates (VP at Michael's Consignment) said:

Hi Christina! We absolutely handle long distance consigning. Sorry for our late response on this. People ship to us from all over the world! Check out this page for more info about consigning http://www.michaelsconsignment.com/pages/consign-with-us… and please call with any questions. 212-737-7273

Christina said:

Hi! I am interested in consigning a fur coat. However, I live in Los Angeles. Do you handle long distance consignment? Tks!

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