5 Ways to Style a Blazer

How to Style a Blazer

Blazers, the classic form-fitting buttoned jacket that we all know and love, have become a staple in every fashion lovers closet. Not only are blazers super cute, but they are also very versatile. While blazers are typically worn in an office setting, there are thousands of ways to style your jacket that is sure to set you apart from the rest. Today we will explore five ways you may have never thought to style a blazer using pieces from Michael’s!

How to style a blazer edgy street style

Edgy Trendsetter

Do you tend to live life on the edge? Then this black, white & studded look is for you! Pair any structured black blazer from your closet with a white tee, skirt and leather belt on top. Add any and all studded accessories to your look and don’t forget your favorite pair of boots! 

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How to style a Blazer

Sweet & Playful

How sweet is this look? While blazers tend to carry a masculine feel, it is super easy to add a playful, feminine touch to any outfit using any of the pieces shown above! For starters, a long, flowy skirt will be sure to add a romantic feel to any blazer outfit. We love how this blue Hermes handbag matches perfectly with the striped jacket. Lastly, you any playful look can be topped off with a pair of simple flats-but sometimes gold is more fun!

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How to style a blazer boho chic style

Boho Chic

This is the perfect look for those who tend to go for the all natural, down to earth look. This off white blazer blends effortlessly into the moss green blouse we paired it with. Any jeans or casual bottoms will be sure to keep you comfortable all day. The slouchy cognac tote and casual flats are the perfect leather accessories to complete any signature boho chic look.

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How to style a blazer glitz & glam style

Glitz & Glam

Who said blazers were boring? Add sparkle to any glam look with glitzy accessories and shoes! A formal blazer and skirt pairing are the perfect match for any event or party, and these rhinestone adorned heels and clutch will catch the eye of everyone in the room.

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How to style a blazer bold style


Bold Street Style

Bright colors, bold patterns, and shimmering materials are key ingredients to creating the trendiest bold outfit. While this blazer may seem simple, it is the grounding point of this imaginative outfit that pushes boundaries with its bright pinks and sparkling silver hues. Are you daring enough to rock this bold blazer look?

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September 04, 2023 — Jaime Schaus

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