NYFW 2023 Fashion Trends
NYFW Favorite Trends

As every New York fashion lover knows, NYFW took over the city this past week with shows from amazing homegrown designers such as Ralph Lauren, Philip Lim, Ulla Johnson & more.The streets of Manhattan were buzzing with creativity and excitement, filled with celebrities, influencers, models, and the leaders of the fashion industry. Design houses have been working endlessly to create innovative and fashion-forward collections for the Spring/Summer 2024 season.

While each collection told its own narrative and sense of uniqueness, we were able to spot five major trends on almost every runway; low-waisted silhouettes, maxi skirts, statement belts, asymmetrical designs, and halter tops. On today's blog, we will take a closer look at these upcoming trends and each designer's take on them.

NYFW 2023 Fashion Trends

Low Waisted Silhouettes

Low waisted silhouettes have been slowly trickling back into the fashion scene in the past couple of years but have been met with hesitation by consumers due to the daring look and risky nature of the pieces. Luckily, fashion houses have been working to create modern low waisted silhouettes that are less daunting than those found in the early 2000s. In the past week, we saw low waisted skirts, jeans, shorts, and trousers from nearly all collections shown-proving that the low waist is definitely back in business. Here are some of our favorite examples from Ralph Lauren, Staud, and Anna Sui.

NYFW 2023 Fashion Trends

Maxi Skirts

While they never truly go out of style, maxi skirts are surely making a major resurgence in the Spring/Summer 2024 season. Flowy or fitted, minimal or embellished, these pieces are being shown on the NYFW runway in every shape, color, and fabric you can imagine! We love how you can dress maxi skirts up or down with a heel versus a sneaker and rock it at any event imaginable. They are the perfect staple piece in any spring and summer wardrobe and will be sure to complete any warm weather look. Our personal favorites were shown at Staud, Ulla Johnson and Adeam.

NYFW 2023 Fashion Trends

Statement Belts

Who said belts had to be boring? The NYFW collections proved that the seemingly simple accessories can be used to elevate any look-from sleek and boho looks to romantic and classic outfits as well! After reviewing the NYFW designs,there is not denying that maximalism is back in fashion. What better way to accessorize an outfit than with a statement belt? Here are a few from Dion Lee, Ralph Lauren and Khaite.

NYFW Fashion Trends

Asymmetrical Designs

A NYFW trend you may have missed if you aren’t looking closely is asymmetrical designs. You would think this is a fashion designers worst fear, but lately the creatives have been intentionally implementing offset lines and cuts into their work. This design choice is a simple yet effective way of adding a little intrigue to a seemingly simple dress, skirt, top, etc. The geometric designs are proving to take over the streets of New York and we can’t wait to see them all around! How cool are these looks from Collina Strada, Jason Wu and Dion Lee. 

NYFW 2023 Fashion Trends

Halter Tops

The final major trend we spotted on almost every NYFW catwalk were halter neck tops and dresses. Another timeless design element, halter tops are nothing new in fashion but the NY based designers have proven to reinvent them in an exciting and innovative way. These looks are already making us excited for the spring and summer season! We especially loved these pieces from Ralph Lauren, Philip Lim and Staud!


September 12, 2023 — Jaime Schaus


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