What neckline you should be wearing for your face shape! 

Round, heart shaped, oval… ya ya – you’ve heard people say how beautiful you are and then compliment your face shape.  I have to be honest… I don’t always take it as a flattering note when a mention of my round face comes into play.  Face shapes have certain silhouettes that accentuate and flatter.  Necklines, just like hemlines, can hurt or help so its time to get the story straight.  Pick the perfect neckline for your face shape and let that red lipstick pop and your eyes do all the talking.

V Neck – Best for Wide, Round or Square Face Shapes

V-necks give you the vertical pop and draws the eye down.  The low V makes a nice balance with a wide, round or square shaped face.  V-necks work great with a large bust and for those ladies rocking some major curves.
v-neck fashion

*as seen in image: 
Balenciaga Black Grey Rayon Dress Sz 38 $230
Barbara Bui Black Silk Cotton Top Sz 4 $70
Chanel 1999 Grey Tweed Wool Vest Sz 36 $175

Scoop – Best for Long or Narrow Face Shapes

Scoop necks kinda work on everyone but it’s best suited for those that are a bit longer and/or narrow. Short necks and narrow shoulders feel free to apply also because it creates an illusion that you have a larger chest! Also, it gives that hourglass balance for the upper and lower body – who knew?!
scoop neck

*as seen in image:
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Oscar De La Renta Turquoise Cashmere Silk Cardigan Sz 8 $100
Chanel Orange Cashmere Sleeveless Top Sz 8 $100

Square – Best for Round Face Shapes

It’s all about balance right? So pair the square with your round face for opposing shapes. End result?  So flattering! Square necklines also look great if your body is pear shaped since it makes your shoulders a bit broader and elongates your body creating a winning balance!
square neckline

*as seen in image: 
Lela Rose Ivory Black Print Cotton Dress Sz 8 $145
Michael Kors Navy White Polyester Dress Sz 4 $205

Turtleneck – Best for Small or Thin Face Shapes

Small and thin, not two words I am used to but hey – bring it on! Perfection for the itty-bitty committee since it adds a little bulk and volume.  Also great for those with narrow shoulders since it creates one seamless look.
turtleneck line

*as seen in image: 
Chloe Black Cotton Knit Tunic Sz S $230
Malo Brown Cashmere Turtleneck Sz 42 $175
Jil Sander Celedon Cashmere Sweater Sz 12 $170

Sweetheart – Best for Angular Face Shapes

Busty ladies listen up because you are such a sweetheart. This neckline accentuates cleavage and contours an angular face. Perfect for petites and those with a short chin/neck. Who doesn’t love that little dip in the middle?
Sweetheart neckline

*as seen in image: 
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Badgley Mischka Ivory Wool Silk Embroidery Dress Sz 2 $230
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Just a little help for the next time you pop into our fitting room or peep through your closet. Remember, play with what ya got and love all your fabulous goodies!

February 01, 2017 — Dara Sayet

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