Why I love LouisWe all play favorites sometimes… Favorite friends, favorite spot to vacay and most importantly favorite brands! No matter what new designers hit the market there is always the classics. Ya know, the ones you constantly are trolling our site for. Those designers that always say SOLD OUT when you see that bag you have been dying for! Let’s get straight to it – I’ve had a love affair for years with a man named Louis Vuitton. He’s French, a designer and a businessman – and while no longer around he has left gorgeous logo keepsakes for me to cherish! There is just something about the intertwined initials and leather trim that turn me on. I can’t put my finger on why but I can tell you this… I’m not the only one. There are zillions of blogs, articles and history on this hottie and the bags literally fly off our shelves and website! Neverfull or never available! 

What’s the hype all about you ask? This box maker to the Empress of France has caught the attention of wo(men) worldwide starting as a humble brand to lux royalty! LV has a pretty great return on investment and the durability of the coated canvas iconic silhouettes are the best in the game. Did you know that Louis never goes on sale? That’s because of “vertical integration”… Vuitton not only owns its own factories, but the company also leases the space it uses for the LV mini boutiques you see on the selling floor of various department stores. Therefore, Vuitton can control the actual manufacturing of its products (if a certain handbag isn't selling, it can decrease production of that handbag) and it can staff and operate those mini boutiques directly. So LV never sells its products wholesale to a department store, which means the department store can't sell LV's products for a sale price.

So again, why so much love for Louis? It’s simple… after 150+ years it’s one brand that has stayed true to itself, its customer and the man that made it all happen. Minimalistic and loyal to what Mr. LV has envisioned it still has history, notoriety, and beautifully crafted goods that are timeless – and will never go on sale! (But you can grab one on consignment to beat that game ;)

Get it girl!!
Louis Vuitton

*as seen in image above, right to left:
Louis Vuitton Ivory Rabbit Fur Outerwear Sz XS $915
Louis Vuitton 2012 Brown Monogram Burgundy Canvas Handbag $1,725
Louis Vuitton Yellow Mustard Multi Silk w/ Box Scarf $340

Need to know more? Check out some more Louis eye candy below!
January 18, 2017 — Dara Sayet

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