10 Pieces That Every Woman Needs!

Fashion in abundance is a sweet, sweet thing. Jewelry however is a hefty investment and when you find something you love, tends to stay on you through showers, parties and fierce vacations. One of the perks of being a girl is getting to wear fabulous sparkly things that make us feel amazing even if we are rocking our latest yoga gear. While I might have an entire drawer (or two) filled with jewelry that I have picked up along the way from travels and sample sales, I always wear my go to pieces. They stay on top of my dresser; they are my +1’s for everything and have defined my style no matter what jeans I am wearing or what dress I am dancing in. No matter your mood, personal style or age these 10 pieces are must have jewelry items that every woman needs…


While I prefer diamond, some prefer ball studs or other gemstones. The perfect size for an understated yet confident accessory! Have a ton going on from the neck down? The stud is great when you just need a default!
studded earrings
*as seen in image:
Bottega Veneta Grey Pearl Sterling Silver Earrings $225
Yellow 18K Gold Red Spinel Earrings $405
Chanel Black Enamel Gold Trim Earrings $290
Yellow 18K Gold Blue Stone Earrings $290

Large Hoop Earrings

Channel your inner Salt N Pepa with these babies! Hoops make a statement, yet they are oh so classic and go with everything! Perfection when you are rocking a slicked back ponytail or need some volume behind your big hair.
Tiffany Hoop Earrings
*as seen in image:
Tiffany & Co. Sterling Silver Hoops w/ Pouch $290

Pearl Necklace

Coco would agree that pearls bring out a woman's elegance. Timeless, ageless and just a staple to spruce up your whole aura. Wear 1 strand for elegance or pile them on for a rock and roll look like no other!
Pearl Necklaces
*as seen in image:
Chanel Vintage 1981 White Pearl Necklace $915
Chanel Pearl Multi Gripoux Gold Metal Vintage Necklace $1,725
Chanel Vintage 1984 Metal Pearl Rhinestone Necklace $1,380

Classic Watch

Stop looking at your phone and adorn your wrist with a classic timepiece. There’s a reason the big boys collect watches and it’s because they make a big impact. Stack on with bracelets or wear it solo for chic Madison Avenue look.
Classic watches
*as seen in image: 
Chanel White Ceramic Diamond Bezel Watch $12,000
Fendi Silver Metal Multi Stone Watch w/ Box $1,380
Chanel Pink Leather Saphire Flower Watch $12,000
Ebel Red Leather 18K Gold Watch $300

Iconic Bracelet

Rock the usual suspects – Cartier and Van Cleef are just a couple that I’ll name drop. These babies are to be left on and make you feel like a million bucks! They rarely lose their value and are forever keepsakes!
Iconic Bracelets
*as seen in image:
St. John Yellow Gold Black Enamel Rhinestones Bracelet $125
Chanel Yellow Metal Bracelet $520
Chanel Gold Metal Pearl Bracelet $1,150
Hermes Blue Enamel Yellow Metal Bracelet $290

Cuff Bracelet

Like body armor, the cuff bracelet gives you superpowers. Like style, grace and a way to kick up any outfit a few notches! Whether you go for metallic or leather you're making the right move.
Cuff bracelet trend
*as seen in image:
Chanel Gold Metal Links CC Bracelet Cuff $1,725
Chanel Black Purple Pink Jewel Green Stone Bracelet $2,070
Chanel Gold Metal Bracelet Cuff w/ Sun Detail $630
YSL Yellow Gold Metal Bracelet $340

Cocktail Ring

Cocktail bling is a huge conversation starter… It's big, bad and bold! Whether you go for heavy metal or lots of gemstones – pick a finger, any finger and let your hands do all the talking.
Cocktail rings
*as seen in image: 
Gucci Yellow 18K Gold Ring $2,000
Metallic Sterling Silver Cubic Zircon Ring $145
Pomellato Metallic Yellow 18K Gold Blue Stone Jewelry $1,150
Alexis Bittar Metallic Gold Lucite Semi-precious Stone Ring $90

Long Classic Chain Necklace

Instantly elongate your body and draw the eye downward with a classic long chain. It adds subtle flair to any outfit that looks effortless and chic. When you don’t feel like piling it all on – this is the way to go!
Long Necklaces
*as seen in image:
Chanel Metallic Silver Black Pearl Necklace $915
Chanel Yellow Gold Pearl Quartz 1981 Necklace $800
Chanel Yellow Gold Pearl Clear Quartz 1981 Necklace $800

Statement Necklace

Go hard or go home I always say. Statement necklaces are ideal with an LBD or even that plain white tee. It takes a somewhat monochromatic or sophisticated getup to automatic runway chic.
statement necklace
*as seen in image:
Marni Mint Stone Black Ribbon Necklace $290
Burberry Yellow Amber Stone Bronze Chain Cluster Necklace $300
Cornelian Coral Color Beaded Necklace $180
Chanel Gold Red Stone Metal Rhinestone Gripoux Necklace $2,530

Statement Earrings

Did you see the Oscars this year? If so, you saw that statement earrings are here to stay! Don’t just save these for the next gala you’re headed to – they are perfect for date night or Sunday brunch with your ripped jeans! So many versions of these babies and not enough time!
Statement Earrings
*as seen in image:
Oscar De La Renta Purple Stone Earrings $145
Oscar De La Renta Red Stone Metal Earrings w/ Box $175
Oscar De La Renta Orange Stone Earrings $125
Louis Vuitton Silver Metal Gem Earrings $340

Check out some more jewelry trend inspiration in the links below!

March 16, 2017 — Dara Sayet

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