While winter has definitely been tricking us with an injection of a hot day here and there, one thing is for certain. Just step into any retail store and you will see that spring is in full swing. Not sure I can get down with that quite yet since I have a constant chill in my bones but hey, you gotta switch the mindset sooner or later. Lately, we see stores switch their merchandise as often as I switch nail colors (which is about 3 days) in order to give shoppers something new to  buy hoping to boost sales in what seems to be a major case of global warming. In the early fall we saw designers gracefully rip the runway and show us all the goodies we need have for Spring. Ladies, the time has arrived to start that closet clean out to make room for the new must haves!  With so much new stuff out there we figured, let’s ease into the new season gracefully… We have carefully picked out the top 5 Spring 2017 fashion trends that you should jump on immediately!



I am a firm believer in the bigger the better. This applies to diamonds, hair and of course bags. I tend to schlep the whole house with me – hey, I am a NY’er with no car and I need a lot of stuff to get me through the day. A big purse will be the answer to all your problems when you need to bring snacks, an extra pair of shoes or you just want to look like you have a lot to tote around. While any color will do, make sure the bag feels like it can carry a week's worth of clothes!
Tote bags at Michael's Consignment
*As seen in image: 
Chloe Black Leather Bag $915
YSL Brown Leather Gold Hardware Bag $318
Celine Black Leather Tote Handbag $2,650
Rebecca Minkoff Blue Leather Handbag $125

80’s Glam
Personally, I don’t think the 80’s ever left but apparently some people certainly do. Either way it’s time to dig through those bins in your basement or hit our site for some serious killer glam finds. Think of the material girl herself, Boy George or Cyndi Lauper when looking for inspiration. Remember that sequined prom dress you had or that 80’s bomber jacket with shoulder pads? Well, today is the day that you can finally rock it again and be a part of the Culture Club.
Spring trend: 80's Glam
*As seen in image:
Missoni Black White Stripe Sequin Dress Sz 44 $210
Barbara Bui Limited Edition Runway 2012 Gold Lamb Leather Jacket Sz 6 $460
Mint Red Black Sequins Dress Sz 4 $260
Alice+Olivia Ivory Sequin Jacket Sz 4 $290

MAJOR Earrings

We are seeing a major trend here – BIG is better! Earrings stand by the same rule. Sometimes it doesn’t matter what the outfit is, because the accessories mean the most. We saw at the Oscars that big earrings were having a moment so definitely rock the same look with jeans and a tee. Big vintage Chanels or those gangsta gold 90’s hoops are ready to be the talk of the party.
Spring Trend: Statement Earrings
*As seen in image: 
Oscar De La Renta Orange Stone Earrings $125
Oscar De La Renta Red Stone Earrings $175
Louis Vuitton Silver Metal Gem Earrings $340
Oscar De La Renta Purple Stone Earrings $145


You gotta walk the walk but also be able to chew gum at the same time. Flatforms – platforms that are all the same level are ideal for when you want to reach new heights but also be super comfy and stand up for hours. Heels and wedges eventually make your legs quite weak and kill the balls of your feet. But these flatforms are like walking on air and stilts all at the same time! Brilliant!
Spring Trend: Flatforms
*As seen in image:
Prada Tan Leather Sandal Platforms Sz 39 $205
Stuart Weitzman Bone Pressed Leather Platforms Sz 9.5 $175

Statement Sleeves

Forget those open backs and scalloped hemlines because it’s only your arms that count. Volume, pleats, tucks and ruffles are making their mark this fashion season and that’s just to name a few. Don’t be shy – think of that Seinfeld puffy shirt episode because when it comes to your sleeves, this is the time to get funky!
spring trend: Statement Sleeves
*As seen in image:
Bill Blass Black Lace Chiffon Evening Vintage Top Sz 4 $205
Tom Ford Black Wool Top Sz 4 $635
Alexander McQueen Peach Silk Blouse Sz 4 $170
Chanel Green Pleated Chiffon Blouse Sz 8 $300


March 08, 2017 — Dara Sayet

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