Stop Saying, “I Wish” & Start Saying, “I Will”!

New Years Resolutions!Just like that, it’s a New Year and we have our list of resolutions that we once again are going to try to conquer. Year after year we have the same list of resolutions yet for most of us they never seem to happen. Why can’t we set a goal and make it happen? Do you not even make resolutions anymore because you think you’ll just fail? Why is it that by the end of January we have already given up on something that seemed so important and meaningful just a few weeks prior? You know – the gym, starting a business, more traveling or seeing that old friend we lost touch with. I can help! Let me rewind… While I might be your blogger and a seasoned fashion industry veteran, I am also a certified life coach who studied psychology at NYU. I love polka dots, sequins and the brain… Setting goals is actually easier than you think and achieving them while holding yourself accountable is going to happen this year… yup, I went there! If you follow my quick outline below you will see just how easy it is and how you can actually accomplish everything you want and more this year! What are your goals? Grab a pen, a sheet of paper and let’s get on your strategy for making sure your New Year’s resolutions are clear, concise and produce the results you are looking for! 2017 will certainly be the best year yet!

Your New Year's resolution goals should be SMART!

(On a sheet of paper write down the letters that spell SMART and follow the below to outline your resolution.)

SMART New Years ResolutionsStarting Resolution: SHED SOME POUNDS!

S – Specific and Simple (what, why, who and where?)
Ex: I will get in shape and get stronger

M – Measurable (how much/how many?)
Ex: be able to sweat through a full 3 mile run

A – Attainable and Achievable (how will I accomplish this goal?)
Ex: start with running 1/2 a mile 3 times per week after work and increase each week by 1/4 of a mile

R – Realistic and Relevant (is it worth it and is it the right time? Is it a realistic goal or something that can never be achieved?)
Ex: 3 miles is realistic for me to start my larger "get stronger!" journey!

T – Time Bound and Tangible (how long do you need? SET A START and END DATE! A goal needs to be grounded within a time frame)
Ex: 4 months – Jan, Feb, Mar and April.

Final Resolution:  By the end of April I will run 3 miles by starting my training with a 1/2 mile run 3 times per week and increasing my mileage by 1/4 mile every week.

“A Year From Now You Will Have Wished You Started Today… There Is No Time Like The Present.”


Need some more tips on making your resolutions stick? Don't worry, we got you covered!

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January 05, 2017 — Dara Sayet

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