The second people get a whiff of the sarcasm oozing out of my pores and notice that I feel my best while wearing black and sporting major cleavage they often ask, “What’s your sign?”  Now c’mon, I am never one to believe in aliens, ghosts or that every Scorpio happens to be the same… but every time I read that little blurb in the back of my monthly People magazine I have to say hmm. Always a skeptic, I will have to say-sounds like me so maybe they’re onto something! We are headed into a New Year – major closet revamps, holiday cash to spend and an itch for a New Year, new you look! Not sure what that looks like? Check out what your zodiac sign says about your style (or what should be your style) for some major closet envy inspiration to usher in 2017! Happy New Year (from the Michaels girls)!


Horoscope Style


Aquarius / January 20 - February 18

You love to concoct an outfit experiment and you are certainly not shy! You could care less what others think & you dress for yourself! You flock toward bold pieces you love and not the overly trendy!

*as seen in image below:
Halston Heritage Blue Wool Cox Collar Jacket Sz XL $275
Chanel Gold Metal Vintage Earrings $455
Alexandra Knight Yellow Matte Alligator Bag $397.50
Jimmy Choo Blue Suede Boots Sz 10 $570
Aquarius style

Pisces / February 19 – March 20

You take boho chic to a whole new level! Why, because it’s your signature look and not because it’s trendy. You love soft flowing fabrics that scream sexy.

*as seen in image below:
Etro Black Rust Floral Print Silk Tiered Dress Sz 44 $200
Zac Posen Tobacco Black Leather Gold Trim Bag $290
Jimmy Choo Beige Suede Strappy Heels Sz 38 $225
Pisces style

Aries / March 21 – April 19

You’re laid back, cool & creative. You wear key items that are a staple in your closet like an LBD but then you pair it with amazing accessories that are eye-catching to make a fashion forward statement! You have a signature style but it constantly evolves over time to adapt to injection trends.

*as seen in image below:
Chanel Gold Red Green Gripoux Necklace $2,530
Preen Black Acrylic Polyamide Dress Sz 8 $570
Fendi Gold Green White Beaded Handbag $455
Aries Style

Taurus / April 20 – May 20

You pick cool and comfy over looking insanely sexy. You can’t live without your favorite lived in jeans but then you pair it with the trendiest kicks or top you can possibly find that screams your bold and came to make a statement.

*as seen in image below:
Chanel Black Denim Pants Sz 40 $290
Barbara Bui Limited Edition Runway Black Suede Jacket Sz 38 $450
Valentino Gold Leather Mauve Trim Shoes Sz 37 $205
Taurus style

Gemini / May 21 – June 20

You’re so many people rolled into one. You don’t want to commit to just one style so you love to rock jeans or even a ballroom sequined number. There’s no stopping you as you morph into whatever your flavor of the day is! Go crazy!

*as seen in image below:
left: image from google
right: Chanel Black Purple Pink Jewel Green Stone Bracelet $2,070
Oscar De La Renta Black White Orange Fox fur Coat Sz 8 $1,150
Miu Miu Black Purple Leather Handbag $915
Lanvin Black Suede Boots Sz 35.5 $285
Gemini style

Cancer / June 21 – July 22

You are a classic just like that Chanel bag you constantly carry. You love core colors like black, nudes, reds and whites that gravitate towards your “adult-like” pieces with your own playful twist!

*as see in image below:
Agnona Beige Wool Fur Trim Coat Sz 8 $800
Chanel Coral Lambskin Bag $4,370
Gianvito Rossi Black Leather Boots Sz 9 $570
Cancer style

Leo / July 23 – August 22

You are game for anything and willing to give it all a try! Mixing patterns, textures and colors turns you on and you are most confident when your style is super exposed putting you on display… Attention whore!

*as seen in image below:
Escada Orange Shearling Wool Fur Coat w/ Belt Sz 36 $1,150
Chanel Navy White Pinstripe Cotton Pants Sz 40 $290
Phillip Lim Neutral Black Leather Booties Sz 38 $290
Leo style

Virgo / August 23 – September 22

You’re not over the top but you still want to flaunt your sexy… While you amp up that over the top ladylike pin-up feel, you still want your look to be extremely functional without getting carried away.

*as seen in image below:
Chanel Black Silk Evening Dress Sz 4 $340
Tod's Black Burgundy Plastic Frame Sunglasses $145
Rene Caovilla Champagne Silk Black Lace Trim Heels Sz 37 $170
Virgo Style

Libra / September 23 – October 22

You’re like a DJ - able to smash two tracks together to create one masterful new tune (or outfit). Trends collide and all of a sudden you are rocking menswear one day and baroque the next. You buy classic pieces with a bit of an edge that can morph into different looks.

*as seen in image below:
Vince Loden Green Shearling Coat Sz 8 $915
House of Harlow Red Leather Bronze Trim Handbag $225
Alaia Grey Suede Lace-up Platform Boots Sz 37 $285
Chanel Gold Vintage Metal Chain Black Leather Belt $490
Libra Style

Scorpio / October 23 – November 21

You have your look and you don’t dare stray away from it. That’s not to say that anyone would ever ever call you boring! You always add edge and a new spin to impress the critics!

*as seen in image below:
Rebecca Taylor Black Silver Stud Accent Top Sz 2 $90
Barbara Bui Black Patent Leather Strappy Heels Sz 37.5 $80
Dolce & Gabbana Black Silk Skirt Sz 44 $105
Scorpio style

Sagittarius / November 22 – December 21

Your middle name is “print” and your last “bold and bright”. You are always super put together but not in a fussy way – more elegant and feminine. You love a frilly dress with an over the top accessory for a killer date night!

*as seen in image below:
Hermes Orange Multi Silk Vintage Jacket Sz 6 $800
Prada Beige Wool Silk Skirt w/ Belt Sz 40 $290
Gucci Tan Leather Grommet Trim Shoes Sz 38.5 $205
Sagittarius style

Capricorn / December 22 – January 19

You love a good twist on a simple and sophisticated classic outfit. You know, like when Chanel does a graffiti bag! You loved getting dressed up but in an easy effortless way!

*as seen in image below:
Alexander McQueen Peach Silk Blouse Sz 4 $225
Jimmy Choo White Black Print Acrylic Leather Handbag $400
Oscar de la Renta Gold Metal Blue Rhinestone Necklace $205
Capricorn Style

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December 28, 2016 — Dara Sayet


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Glad you like it! Dara writes great posts!

Beth Schleider said:

Perfect….nailed me & everyone else l know
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?‍♂️…guess what sign I am ?

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